Terrified kittens found abandoned at building site on bonfire night

The adorable kittens found on bonfire night in Plymouth
The adorable kittens found on bonfire night in Plymouth Credit: Gables Dogs and Cats Home

A group of tiny kittens were abandoned on a building site on bonfire night, with one being so poorly it had to have emergency lifesaving treatment.

The five terrified kittens were thought to have been abandoned between a club and building site in Plymstock, Plymouth.

The people from the club who had discovered the kittens managed to contain three of them, but knew of a fourth wqhich was in hiding.

Ruth Rickard, deputy manager of Gables Dogs and Cats Home and volunteer Gerry arrived to collect the kittens, when they found one was seriously ill from exposure and needed urgent attention.

They found the fourth kitten hiding under some rubble and building equipment. They were taken to an experienced foster home while the seriously ill kitten was taken for emergency treatment.

Gables Dogs and Cats Home Credit: Google Maps

The animal home said it was very touch and go for the kitten, but after a night of TLC and special care from the staff at Filham Park Vets the kitten survived and was reunited with its siblings the following day.

Later the same evening Gables was contacted about another small terrified kitten which had been found cold, wet and alone in the same area. Given the description and age of this fifth kitten and the area involved it seemed highly likely to be part of the litter discovered earlier.

Ruth Rickard said: “We are determined to do everything we can to help these little kittens survive and we would really appreciate it if anyone knows anything about them or their mother to please contact us.

"With all the loud noise and bright flashes that comes with Bonfire night the mum may have been spooked, she may have been hit by a car or be hiding in someone’s shed, or could even be safe in her home - we just have no idea.

"If the mum needs medical help, we can arrange that or if she simply needs spaying, we can help there too. We just want to know that she is safe.”

Gables is extremely concerned about the welfare of the mother cat and the possibility of there being more kittens.

If anyone has any information, Gables can be contacted on 01752 331602, reception@gablesfarm.org.uk or by sending a private social media message.