'It's miserable. People are dying slowly' - man trapped in Afghanistan fears for his life every day

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An Afghan refugee who made Bristol his home says he fears for his life after returning to Kabul to try to rescue his wife. 

The 28-year-old - who ITV News is calling Zack to protect his identity - is in hiding for fear the Taliban will kill him if he is discovered.

He is calling on his MP here and the British government to intervene to help British passport holders like him.

When western forces moved out of Afghanistan in August, the Taliban moved in. For those left behind, the future was, at best, uncertain.

People blocked from airport in Afghanistan

Now, a man who shortly before the regime change was living in Bristol, confirmed the worst suspicions of many.

Zack left his job as a courier in the West Country to try to rescue his then-fiancee, now wife, from their homeland. But he is now in hiding in Kabul fearing his British passport and her career as a journalist make them a Taliban target.

"Everyday I have to change my place, I can't trust anyone around me in my neighborhood," Zack said.

"I cant go anywhere I feel safe, I have to hide. I cant live like other people, normal people because of me being a British citizen as well as my wife having a job in the media. People have reported that so she is not safe as well."

Zack* who is trapped in Afghanistan

Describing life under the Taliban regime, he said: "It's miserable. People are literally dying slowly. Basically the system and the government is collapsing, it's not an ideal world in this country that you want to see."

Zack said a suicide bombing at the airport made an escape too dangerous. He says he feels forgotten by the British government despite their claims of talks with the Taliban to get its citizens to safety.

Zack went on to share the harrowing details of how precarious life for him is at the moment.

When asked what would happen to him and his wife if they were discovered, he said: "They would probably just take me away and kill me, nobody really knows where they would put me. What they do is unimaginably wrong, it's horrific."

The office of Zack's Conservative MP, Jack Lopresti, said the case had been passed to the Home Office but said there was 'nothing more we can do'.

Foreign Office told ITV News it is doing all it can to help British nationals leave Afghanistan. It also said it is working closely with partners in the region to keep open as many routes out of the country as possible.