Bristol school limits heating in bid to reduce rising energy bills

11-10-21- Summerhill Infants in St George- BPM Media/Bristol Live
The school has also asked to parents to ensure children wear extra layers. Credit: Bristol Live

A Bristol school is facing backlash after telling parents it will limit the time heating is on during the day - to save money on rising costs.

Summerhill Infants in St George has told parents it faces bills of more than £30,000 for heating and therefore changes would need to be made.

In an email, staff at the school said it would turn down thermostats for hot water and turn off lights when not in use.

It also asked parents to send their children to school wearing warmer clothes to limit bills as fuel costs skyrocket.

In response, parents have echoed their concerns with one saying they expect the move to cause "absences to go through the roof".

Credit: BPM Media/Bristol Live

The news follows a number of energy providers that have collapsed, shifting the burden of costs onto larger providers due to rising natural gas prices and the energy price cap.

The National Education Union said it shows the "sad, hard truth" that schools still do not have enough financial support, with representative Robin Head saying the lack of financial support and rising fuel costs is to blame.

He added: "It uncovers the sad hard truth that schools aren't funded properly enough.

"Teachers have not had a pay rise this year. Schools are really struggling budget wise."