'Missing' poster put up in Devon town for MP Geoffrey Cox

A missing poster to find MP Geoffrey Cox has appeared in the Devon town of Bideford.

A poster suggesting Tory MP Geoffrey Cox is "missing" has appeared in his Devon constituency after it emerged he had a second job in the Caribbean.

The MP for Torridge and West Devon is under the spotlight as the sleaze scandal engulfing the Conservative Party continues.

The former attorney general has been referred to Westminster’s rules watchdog after claims he used his parliamentary office while working for a foreign government.

The 61-year-old - who denies any wrongdoing - has been working for law firm Withers LLP, which includes a contract to advise the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Geoffrey Cox has become embroiled in a sleaze scandal.

But after reportedly earning more than £1million from his second job, questions have been raised about how much time he devotes to his constituents.

‘Devon needs our politician back now’

The missing poster has appeared in Bideford.

Earlier this week, voters in the North Devon town told ITV News it was “outrageous” the MP had a second job abroad.

“I think it’s absolutely outrageous to have two jobs,” one said. “Devon needs our politician, our MP, back here in Devon now.”

"We never see him here"

“I’m a little upset about it,” another said. “We never see him here. I live right next door to his office and it would be nice to have some close contact with him.”

“I think it’s criminal, really,” one lady added.

Others were less concerned about Sir Geoffrey’s second job, so long as it did not conflict with his role as an MP.

“I honestly don’t know,” one woman said.

“I don’t see a problem with MPs having a second job. A million pounds a year… lots of people earn a million pounds a year, don’t they?”

Another said: “As long as it doesn’t take up too much time or conflicts with their political job, then I don’t think there’s a problem with it.”

Sir Geoffrey said "he does not believe" he breached code of conduct rules after The Times reported that the practising barrister used his MP office to advise the tax haven's authorities over a corruption probe launched by the Foreign Office.

In a statement issued on his website on November 10, he defended his decision to work with the islands and said he would co-operate with any investigation into his conduct.