Girl leaves Bristol hospital after Covid left her 'fighting for her life' in intensive care

  • Watch: Moment Krystal leaves hospital

A girl who spent her birthday hooked up to a ventilator in intensive care after testing positive for Covid has left hospital - in a limousine.

Krystal Sheehan, from Swindon, spent seven weeks fighting for her life at Bristol Children's Hospital after contracting coronavirus.

She was unable to celebrate her 15th birthday as she was hooked up to a ventilator.

But there were cheers as she left the hospital on Tuesday 16 November - and got into a waiting limo ready to take her home.

Her mum Tracey Sheehan told ITV News Krystal was "overwhelmed" by the grand exit.

"It's probably the biggest celebration we've had in our lives," she said.

"She has been in hospital for seven weeks, in intensive care, she fought for her life.

"Due to the doctors and nurses it has been possible for her to come out."

Krystal's mum Tracey said her going home is the "biggest celebration" the family has ever had.

She said her daughter had a "real fight" on her hands. She is still having difficulty talking, as the ventilator damager her vocal chords, and finds walking difficult due to extreme tiredness.

One of the people who looked after Krystal was Jasmine Behennah, a pediatric senior staff nurse who works on the hospital's intensive care unit.

She said it's amazing to see her go home.

"When she came in she was really unwell, we were all quite worried about her," she said.

"But she's done really, really well - she's made such a good recovery and it's so good to see that she's going home today."