Banksy-style artwork of Christopher Walken in The Outlaws appears in Bristol park

Credit - Twitter / @LongwellRecords
The artwork appeared in Castle Park in Bristol. Credit: Twitter / @LongwellRecords

A Banksy-style artwork depicting Hollywood actor Christopher Walken has appeared on the wall of a park in Bristol.

Walken, who is currently starring in the Bristol-based crime comedy 'The Outlaws', is pictured holding a paint roller and wearing a bright orange tabard next to the phrase 'damb rats'.

Reacting to the mysterious new artwork, Bristolian writer of the show Stephen Merchant tweeted a photo of it.

"Someone in Bristol is paying homage to The Outlaws - but Banksy and I had nothing to do with it," he said.

Walken's character paints over a Banksy piece specially commissioned for the series. Credit: Big Talk/Four Eyes'/PA Wire

In the popular new series, Walken plays a man named Frank who is doing community service in Bristol.

The final episode of series one shows Walken's character paint over a real Banksy artwork sprayed on the outside of a graffiti-covered community centre in Sea Mills.

Last week it was revealed that Banksy had been asked by producers of the show to create a bespoke piece for the series.

Merchant said the elusive artist hopped the fence onto the set and created the artwork without anyone from the show seeing him.