Gloucester Cathedral stones up for auction to pay for building's upkeep

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Stones from Gloucester Cathedral - some of which are thought to be around 500 years old - are being sold to fund the building's future upkeep.

The cathedral's stonemasons regularly carry out repairs of the medieval building as the stone becomes weathered, but this year they are putting the damaged stones up for auction.

Master mason Pascal Mychalysin believes some of the stone is hundreds of years old.

He said: "Some of them are still covered with the original two marks of the mediaeval Mason - the scribing line to set out the design on the top surface of the stone.

"Victorian stones as well have a scribing line sitting at the marking."

Cathedral bosses say they have been overwhelmed by the response from people wanting to buy the damaged stone.

Sonia Bielaszewska, philanthropy manager at the cathedral, said: "We have received so many bids already which has been wonderful to see.

"I think it really demonstrates that the local community feel really connected to this building.

"What a great opportunity. How many times do you get the chance to take a 500 year-old stone home to view in your garden or in your house or in your office or wherever it may be?"

Sealed bids are being taken and the auction ends on Saturday 19 November.