Fisherman 'catches' chatty dolphins on camera in Cornwall

  • Listen out for the whistle in this video by Peter Green, Santa Maria IV

For most people seeing dolphins is a rare wonder but, for trawlerman Peter Green from St Mawes in Cornwall, it is an almost everyday occurrence - yet he still finds it magical.

Peter filmed this pod of common dolphin while out fishing in Falmouth Bay on Wednesday 17 November and posted the footage online.

People may think that fishermen would not welcome competition from the mammals who might be after their catch but this fisherman delights in their company.

Peter Green said, "It's fantastic. They turn up almost every day and it's always a pleasure to see them. They lift your spirits, especially on a grey day in November.

"Sometimes they lie on their sides and just look at you - exquisite."

He said this group of dolphins were particularly noisy: "They certainly had a lot to say. They looked like they were having a good old gossip about something."

If you listen carefully to the video, you'll even hear a whistle from one of the animals. Peter doesn't think it was directed at him though, just part of their general conversation.

The other day he was accompanied by the creatures from four in the morning to four in the afternoon. He thinks they recognise the sound of his wooden trawler, Santa Maria IV. Luckily they are very intelligent and steer clear of his trawl.

  • Dolphins with youngsters filmed by Peter Green, Skipper-Owner, Santa Maria IV

Peter's latest video, shot on Friday 19 November, shows a group of dolphins with some youngsters along for the ride. He thinks they were probably teaching him the ropes.

You can catch all the videos and follow Peter's journey as one of the last fishermen in his village on his Facebook blog, St Mawes Seadog.