Newquay Zoo's pride of lions to be moved to Paignton

Newquay's three African lions will relocate to Paignton Zoo in Devon. Credit: Wild Planet Trust

Newquay Zoo's pride of lions will be moved to a zoo in Devon following a "very challenging" pandemic.

Three African lions will relocate to Paignton Zoo in Devon, where they will have "substantially more room" and the "very best conditions".

Staff said the decision was based on providing "the best possible care" for the animals.

A spokesperson for Wild Plant Trust, which runs Newquay Zoo, said: "The health and welfare of our animals is always our top priority and as part of our commitment to providing the best possible care for the animals that we look after, we are planning some exciting new developments at our zoos.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has been a very challenging time for Newquay Zoo, as it has for many other local businesses, and as we emerge from this we need to plan carefully for our future."

The spokesperson said it is likely the lions will be moved in the spring of 2022.

They will be replaced at Newquay Zoo by a "new exhibit".

"We appreciate our visitors and staff alike will miss our pride of lions that have become a staple part of the Newquay Zoo animal collection," the spokesperson added.

"But rest assured that we will be replacing them with a new exhibit so there’ll still be plenty for our visitors to see."