Trainee police dog needs forever home after missing out on selection

Fendi the two-year-old German shepherd just missed out on becoming a police dog and now needs a forever home Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

A young dog who just missed out on selection as a police dog is looking for a forever home.

Two-year-old Fendi is one of a litter of nine German shepherds who were born to join Devon and Cornwall Police's puppy programme.

Their mum and dad - Ella and PD Drake - were both police dogs and their young were destined to follow in their paw prints.

  • Watch the tiny pups and their mum Ella soon after they were born on 21 June 2019

The antics of F-Litter - they all have names beginning with F - even gained a following online as the force's Puppy Development officer Paul Glennon kept a blog of his puppy recruits in action, complete with lots of photos and videos.

Fendi, or Fluorescent green collar as she was known in her very early days, was one of the keenest and bravest from the very start and showed huge aptitude for tasks like tracking.

Unfortunately, she did not have quite the temperament needed for a role on the force.

On Twitter, Paul Glennon said: "She didn’t quite make it as a police dog but we tried."

Devon and Cornwall Police put out an appeal on social media to see if anyone suitable could taken on this beautiful yet "high energy" lady.

Fendi, who is two years old, is looking for her forever home. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

It said: "Could you offer a forever home for former trainee police dog Fendi? She is now two-years-old and narrowly missed out on being selected as a future police dog in our puppy program.

"We are looking for an owner who ideally has no other dogs or cats. Fendi is social with people and other dogs but she will need time to settle into a new home."

  • Watch Fendi showing off her tracking skills with her former handler Sarah

The appeal continued: "She is a very active, strong-willed dog who has a strong guarding instinct and will need someone with experience of a large high energy, determined dog.

"If you're interested in learning more, please contact Paul Glennon, our Canine Development Officer by email on:"

You can now follow the exploits of all Devon and Cornwall Police's trainee police pups on Twitter.