Turnip Prize 2021: Finalists announced for spoof awards

The Turnip Prize is a spoof competition poking fun at the Turner Prize. Credit: Trevor Prideaux

The finalists for a Somerset pub’s spoof art competition poking fun at the coveted Turner Prize have been announced.

The lesser-known Turnip Prize was first launched by Trevor Prideaux in 1999.

It is awarded to the person who has created something witty “using the least amount of effort possible”.

The winner receives a turnip attached to a wooden base.

'Green Energy' is a green-coloured battery. Credit: Trevor Prideaux
'Panda Mick', a reference to the pandemic. Credit: Trevor Prideaux

This year, organisers said they received 96 entries - which have now been whittled down to just four finalists.

They include ‘Green Energy’ by Raspberry Buttocks, which is a green-coloured battery, ‘Glowball Warming’ by Concerned, which is a glow ball attached to a hot water bottle, ‘Panda Mick’ which is a panda toy called Mick in reference to the pandemic, and ‘Prints Andrew’ - which is a painted mannequin.

The winner will be announced at The New Inn pub in Wedmore on December 1.