Exeter Chiefs consider ditching controversial Native American branding

Exeter Chiefs have been urged to consider rebranding (pictured: a fan wearing a Native American headdress). Credit: PA

Exeter Chiefs are considering ditching their controversial Native American branding following a meeting between club bosses and fans.

The Premiership side discussed their name, logo and associated imagery at their annual general meeting on November 24.

It comes after renewed calls to remove the branding, which campaigners argue perpetuate “dehumanising” stereotypes.

This includes the Native American headdresses worn by some fans and Sandy Park's 'Wigwam Bar'.

Earlier this month, the National Congress of American Indians - which is the largest US group representing Native Americans - penned an open letter to the club, urging them to change.

The Premiership club retired their 'Big Chief' mascot following a review in July 2020.

Club bosses discussed a potential rebrand with members at the meeting, with a full decision now expected in the coming weeks.

In a statement, the club said: “After consulting and listening in depth to the membership of Exeter Rugby Club at Wednesday's Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors will now go away and further consult with its stakeholders, partners and professional advisors to decide what the club will do next in terms of the club's branding.

"The board will be meeting within the next few weeks to come to a decision."

Exeter officially retired their ‘Big Chief’ mascot following a similar review in July 2020, but decided against a full rebrand at the time.