'I thought I was doing the waltz' - meet the 86-year-old hip hop dancer from Plymouth

A great-grandmother has become a member of a Plymouth street dancing group after signing up for lessons thinking it would be ballroom dancing.

Hilary Williams, 86, says she has no regrets after she started throwing herself into hip hop dancing with the Street Factory dance group.

She told ITV News West Country: "I thought I was going to do a nice quiet little waltz - instead, it was hip hop - and I've never looked back.

"It's not only getting to dance very easily and quickly, but you're incorporated into a family immediately. You're encouraged and it's just a lovely feeling."

Hilary says the fast-paced street dance is helping to keep her young.

"I came to it late but I'm not giving it up", she said.

Hilary's teacher Toby G described Hilary as a model pupil, saying she shows both "hard work and dedication".

He went on: "Hip hop is for everybody and anybody. It's all about having fun and having a good time."

Hilary echoed Toby's words of encouragement and said: "It is amazing, you are doing it to your own standard - it's 'use it or lose it' so come to Hip hop and do it."