Meet the woman making history as Fowey lifeboat station's first female helm

Amelia Luck is the first female helm for Fowey RNLI lifeboat crew in the station’s 160 year history. Credit: Austen Bannister

A 21-year-old has become the first woman to qualify to command a Fowey RNLI lifeboat in the station's 160-year history.

Amelia Luck passed out as helm on the station’s D class inshore lifeboat, Olive Three.

It means she is now the senior crew member in charge of the boat, making the decisions during a rescue.

She is one of just three female helms in Cornwall. There are just five female helms in the South West and 53 nationwide.

Amelia Luck at the helm of Fowey's D-Class inshore lifeboat, Olive 3 Credit: Austen Bannister

Amelia joined Fowey RNLI as a volunteer lifeboat crew member when she was still in school at 17. She has attended 134 lifeboat launches, of which 36 were rescue incidents, and has clocked up more than 355 volunteer hours at sea.

Amelia said: "Joining the RNLI wasn’t a lifelong dream.

"It’s funny because my brother Oli has wanted to join ever since he was a young boy, he’s always been obsessed with lifeboats. With him constantly talking about it, me living on the water since I was tiny and seeing the crew all go out, something drew me to it.

"I know that if I got into trouble when I was out on the water I’d really appreciate the 24/7 rescue service that the RNLI provides. It’s good to know that I can help to provide that service".

Keep it in the family - Amelia with her brother Oli who's also a lifeboat crew member and their father Adam Luck. Credit: Austen Bannister

Being part of the RNLI is a Luck family tradition. Amelia's father Adam Luck is a Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) at Fowey station - which means he decides when to launch the lifeboats.

Her brother Oli has achieved his goal and become a crew member, often accompanying his sister on shouts.

Amelia said: "Conversations at home can be a bit RNLI-heavy sometimes though and mum can feel a bit left out."

Alice Luck at the helm with crew members Luke Watts and brother Oli. Credit: Austen Bannister

Amelia, who is a business management apprentice when not volunteering, said: "Passing out as a D class helm has to be my best moment in my RNLI story so far - the icing on the cake."

She is keen to encourage others to follow in her footsteps and said, "if the thing that’s stopping you is because you’re female, don’t let it... You won’t get treated any differently if you’re female or male."

If you are interested in volunteering for the RNLI, you can find further details here.