Banksy the 'misunderstood' Bristol rescue dog is looking for a forever home

The rescue centre say Banksy will bring a "great deal of joy" to the right family. Credit: Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

A dog who has been rescued by Bristol Animal Rescue Centre after being passed through several different homes is now looking for a forever home.

Banksy, who has had a "rough start in life" according to the charity, is looking for a "consistent and patient" home where he can finally settle.

A spokesperson from Bristol Animal Rescue Centre said: "Banksy loves training and is very eager to please, but he can get a bit boisterous and mouthy when he feels unsure as to how he should behave in certain situations.

"He has a cheeky personality that is sure to make you laugh, and he loves nothing more than playing with his carers and having a good time."

Banksy has had a "rough start in life", according to the charity, but is ready for a new home. Credit: Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Banksy needs to wear a muzzle during his walks and be exercised away from other dogs off their leads.

He would also be best living alone without other dogs, cats or children.

The spokesperson added: "Banksy is a misunderstood dog with lots of potential, and we are sure that he will bring a great deal of joy to the right family."

You can find more information about adopting Banksy here.