The Bristol family who have covered their entire house in wrapping paper

The family appeared on This Morning to show off their house, which is covered in wrapping paper. Credit: ITV

A Bristol family have covered almost every inch of their home in wrapping paper to mark the start of the festive season.

The Lockie and Phillips family's decorations include a 70-year-old tree decoration as well as brightly-coloured wrapping paper all over the walls.

The family's unusual decorations saw them appear on ITV's This Morning with Bristolian presenter Josie Gibson.

The family appeared on the programme to give presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield a rundown of their decorations, which Carly Lockie freely admitted are "a bit crazy".

But the family has a special reason for going all out this year, according to Carly.

"Last year we lost my mum, sadly, and she bought us our Christmas tree which turned up the day after she passed away, so we thought [we'd] put a smile on our faces, keep mum's spirit alive, and we just went crazy last year and we thought we'd do the same again this year to put a smile on our faces and everyone else's faces," she said to Josie.

The family goes all out for Christmas every year. Credit: ITV

Carly said they had bought some of the wrapping paper, but some of what they used this year also used to belong to her mum, some of which had robins on.

She was very clear that "we don't do robins in this house - we're Bristol Rovers supporters!" The only robins were on the wrapping paper that used to belong to her mum.

Carly said it took them around three weeks to decorate the house, adding: "Coming home from school or work, we'd just get straight on it, and weekends when we can cram a bit of time in."

Mike Phillips, Carly's husband, helped to decorate the house, along with their kids, 15-year-old Mayah, Harmonie, 10, five-year-old Junior, and stepdaughter Kayleigh, 18.

The family used "about 14 rolls" of wrapping paper, but said that they only cost "about seven or eight pounds" in total - or around 50p per roll - making it a very cheap way to add festive spirit to the family home.

Any of the wrapping paper which comes off the wall is recycled or used to make Christmas cards or up-cycled decorations.

Carly previously told The Mirror: "We never throw any away. Nothing goes to waste. All of last year's wrapping paper was used to make Christmas cards for the elderly because there are a lot of care homes in our area.

"We keep the cardboard bit in the middle and just wrap it back around that and put it in storage to use for next year."