‘He’s too big to eat!’ - Giant lobster worth £180 caught in Cornwall

Giant lobster with fishmonger
The giant lobster - worth £180 - on display. Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM

A huge lobster worth hundreds of pounds has been saved from the pot in Cornwall - thanks to its enormous size.The sizeable shellfish was caught in waters off the Cornish coast and is thought to be 50-years-old.The colossal crustacean was brought to Pengelly's Fishmongers in Looe, where staff described it as the biggest they have ever seen.Trainee fishmonger Jacquie Spencer was so impressed she said she "just had to save him from being eaten".She explained: "We've got a lobster tank at the fishmongers and so we're used to having live lobsters coming in.

The old lobster's impressive sized means it's headed for the fish tank instead of the chopping board. Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM

"We obviously sell them for people to eat but this one was huge and I just thought 'hang on a minute' he's too big to eat.

"He's either got to be released or go somewhere where he can go out and live is life."Weighing 4.6kg, she said the team had never seen a lobster as big as this one.

The average catch is between half a kilogram and two kilograms at the very most.

At £40 retail price per kilogram, this lobster is worth an impressive £180."When you compare him to the size of the other lobsters we get, which tend to average under a kilogram, I saw him in the tank and thought we have to do something more with him," Jacquie added.

Staff at Pengelly's say they've never seen a lobster so big. Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM

The owner of the shop agreed the lobster should be re-homed to live out his days - or be released.

He has since been taken in by the team at Mevagissey Aquarium, near St Austell.