'He's home, our baby!' - owner reunited with puppy stolen in Gloucestershire

A dog owner has been reunited with her stolen puppy after he was taken from the back of her car in Gloucestershire last month.

Rosie O'Connor's border terrier, Terry, was stolen from the vehicle while she and her fiancé were looking at wedding venues in Kingscote near Tetbury.

They left Terry in the car with a window open for him to get air, but when they returned, he had gone.

ITV News West Country visited Rosie when she was searching for her beloved pet in November.

The devastated dog owner said she was also faced with calls from people pretending to have Terry. "They said, 'I've got your dog, if you don't give me money I'm going to chop off his limbs and send them to you'", she said.

After seeing the report, a man phoned her to tell her he had bought Terry.

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Rosie said: "The reason the man knew about him was because his dad had seen Terry on ITV News and he told his son - "the dog you bought is stolen".

She continued: "I got a missed call from work on Friday and I had a voicemail from a really lovely person who was saying "this isn't a scam but I've got Terry - I bought him quite a while ago. I want to give him back to you and you'll have him back soon.""

Rosie called the man back and asked to see photos of Terry so she knew it was definitely him.

When she saw the photos, she instantly recognised the puppy.

The elated couple then traveled straight to Gloucester - about an hour away from their home but close by to where they lost Terry.

The man told Rosie he had bought Terry for £300. "He hadn't put two and two together. I guess the person who sold him had created a bit of a sob story", she said.

Once reunited, Rosie and her partner took Terry straight to the vet to check he was healthy following the ordeal.

"He's fine, he's been really well looked after and I think the family were really sad to give him up", she said.

"I want to say thank you so much to everyone who helped. The amount of people who have been so lovely - we really wouldn't have got this far without your help."