'There weren't any beds' - Widow's despair at hospital delays after husband dies at home

  • Watch: Richard Lawrence live outside Torbay Hospital

The widow of a man who died at home in Devon has claimed delays at a Torbay hospital prevented him from getting the care he needed.

Lu La Buzz, whose husband died from an aneurysm a month ago, told ITV News West Country that when she called an ambulance to their home after he began feeling unwell, the paramedics warned her about the delays they would face if they took him to hospital.

She described the "despair" and "devastation" she felt after being told.

"They said 'there's no way you would want to be at Torbay Hospital because there's no beds at all and you'd literally be waiting outside in my ambulance for hours'", she said.

"It hadn't been diagnosed that he had an aneurysm at that point. It was just so hard and felt despairing really - for ourselves and anybody else in a situation like that."

It was not known at the time at the time that Manfred Roxon - a former ITV News West Country journalist - had a life-threatening illness.

But shortly after the paramedics left their home, he died.

This comes after a student paramedic claimed he was stuck outside the same hospital for 6 hours in a queue of 22 ambulances.

Ian Currie, Medical Director at Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust, said he could not discuss individual cases but told ITV News that delays people are experiencing in emergency departments are symptomatic of wider pressures.

He said: "The results of the waits that you see in emergency departments and the ambulances queuing outside are a result of pressures on the whole health and care system.

Mr Currie added pressures are also being felt in assessment areas and on hospital wards as staff are facing difficulties in discharging patients.