Octopus washed up into shallow Cornwall stream by Storm Barra

An octopus has been saved by beachgoers after being washed up from Storm Barra near Bude.

The sea creature was found washed up around 30 metres above the water line in a shallow stream at Wanson mouth.

Matthew Ley found the creature as the tide was going out and managed to safely transfer it to a deeper pool with a route back out to sea.

Matthew said it was "alive but probably wouldn't survive" when he found him. The octopus squirted Matthew with water after he touched it to see if he was alive.

He said: "I had just gone down to the beach that leads down from OA Surf Club after spotting lots of washed up litter from the storm.

The man who found the octopus was squirted with water by the little creature. Credit: OA Surf Club/Matthew Ley

"I was heading down to pick it up and to see what other damages were there and that's when I discovered him at the north end of the beach on the rocks

"I scooped the little fella up on some washed up plastic and took him to a channel so he could make his way safely out to sea."He added: "It perked right up after going in the sea channel. I'm sure he/she is out there catching crabs having a blast."