Breastfeeding mum with cancer issues warning after year-long Covid delay

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A mum-of-two from Bristol who thought a lump was due to breastfeeding is warning others to get checked as soon as they spot any signs of cancer.

Danni Moore said it felt as though her whole world "collapsed" when she was told she had cancer. Because of Covid restrictions, she was alone when she got the news.

The 31-year-old told ITV News she found a lump in her breast while feeding her newborn son at the start of 2020.

She said it grew "quite quickly" and so she got it checked.

After a visit to her GP, Danni was referred to the Breast Cancer Referral Clinic but she says she delayed chasing up appointments which were delayed by Covid.

"I was breastfeeding my son at the time, so it was put down to being a cyst or blocked milk," she said.

"There wasn't even a percentage of me that thought breast cancer, not for a single second."

Danni Moore now documents her experience on Instagram page @the_boob_battle

Danni has two children - Betsy and Dexter - but neither they or her partner, Caine, could be with her as she got the results of a biopsy in July this year due to coronavirus restrictions.

She said: "Because of Covid I was on my own. The first thing that came out was, unfortunately, 'Danielle it is breast cancer' - and the whole world just kind of collapsed for a moment.

"I went into the room fully expecting them to tell me that it was not cancer. I expected it to be a cyst. Not one percentage of me believed it would be that serious."

She added: "My first response was 'I am going to die' and the second response was 'I am going to lose my hair'.

"To be told you have got cancer, particularly breast cancer, was a real shock. I had never heard of anyone my age having it.

"It was really hard to digest and get your head around what was about to happen."

Danni is still undergoing chemotherapy treatment and has been documenting her experiences on Instagram. Her page @the_boob_battle has gained more than 15,000 followers.

On it, she provides important information for people on what to look for. And to mark each round of treatment, Danni does a TikTok dance.

She says the page has been a huge support for her through her chemotherapy treatment, detailing messages that she has been receiving from people right across the world.

"I set the page up almost immediately as a bit of a support network for me but also for a wider audience of females and males," she said.

"Cancer really can get anybody and if you notice anything different then go and get it checked because the earlier you get it seen the better your prognosis.

"I had a lump and I did leave it and put it off because I didn't think it would ever happen to me.

"It is a scary process and unless you have been through it you don't get it. I am strong and I have a lot to live for so I am going to be fine.

"At the beginning I was scared of dying, really really scared but I am going to be okay."