Will it snow across the southwest this Christmas?

If you are anything like me the idea of a cold, frosty, crisp, even white Christmas adds that extra special something to the 25 December.

The headlines favoured that outcome for a while, with high pressure and a cold easterly wind having been signalled for a few days, but sadly it is never that simple with long range forecasting.

What exactly makes a white Christmas anyway?

What makes a white Christmas?

Not exactly deep and crisp and even is it, but it's quite often recorded across the UK, despite snow being most likely in the colder months of January and February.

In fact the last white Christmas was only last year.

How often do we get a white Christmas?

What about this year then? Although there's still some uncertainty in the exact detail, the consensus at the moment is for low pressure to become the driving force as we head through the Christmas weekend. Not particularly stormy or anything, just bringing mild air, strong southwest winds and some rain across southern England.

Boxing Day at least looks a little brighter and colder, but it's not what I had on my Christmas list!

I'll keep you updated online and on screen, and whatever you're doing this year have a very Happy Christmas!