The 'one stop shop' vaccine clinic helping the homeless in Camborne

A coronavirus vaccine clinic has been put on for people in Camborne who are homeless.

Around 30 people went along to Heartlands to get their jab yesterday (December 21).

There have been eight drop-in clinics this year in different towns across Cornwall with lots on offer including medical support, careers advice, food vouchers and a beauty station.

Narissa Kellend, organiser of the Heartlands clinic and a nurse practitioner, said: "Having the incentives of other services being here, particularly the dental and hair and beauty encourages people to come forward - to have those discussions about having the Covid vaccination.

"Because often we're not sure if people have had the right information given to them.

"So it's about ensuring that they've had those relevant discussions to make that informed decision."

Jobs support and careers advice was on offer too. Credit: ITV West Country

Paul Simpkins was homeless for six years and was also addicted to drugs.

He has now been clean for seven months and is living in temporary accommodation.

Paul has been to many drop-in clinics and really wants to encourage others to go.

"You've got the housing, you've got the doctors, you've got the dentist, you've got welfare," he said.

"You've got everything."

"It's a one-stop shop basically."

"People are a bit dubious about coming up, obviously with Covid you don't know if you can talk to people or you can't talk to people. But yeah, there's so much here that can help people."

Sapphire Jo enjoyed getting her nails done, as well as getting some medical advice. Credit: ITV West Country

Sapphire Jo is living in temporary accommodation. She had never been to a drop-in clinic before and was nervous about it.

"Anxiety was a bit high. But I'm embracing it so far. Everybody seems really nice," she said.

"I went to the Covid vaccination desk this morning and then I tried to have a blood test but unfortunately it didn't work. So, the lady was very kind and said go and have your nails done and then come back and we'll try again."

There were lots of different stations available. Stephen Prowse made the most of the experience. He is about to start a construction course in January and really wanted to get some advice on how to write a good CV.

He gained a lot out of the experience and said: "Come along and poke your head in. You never know. The staff are really nice. And I'd say just try and give it a go, if you can.

"I think you'll benefit from it and you'll feel better for doing it. I know I will."

Everyone was offered a Christmas gift on the way out. Credit: ITV West Country

The Cornwall-based charity St Petrocs estimates there are around 100 people sleeping rough in Cornwall every month. That number fluctuates on a weekly basis as many people end up sofa surfing or finding accommodation for just a few days.

Around 30 people went to the drop-in clinic in Heartlands and Narissa Kellend says she hopes to put on many more throughout 2022.

She wants people who homeless to feel like they have a safe space to go and get help, support and advice - all in one place.