Gloucestershire: Harrowing images released after drink driver crashes into tree

The car was completely destroyed. Credit: Gloucestershire Constabulary

Police in Gloucestershire have issued a warning after a drink driver crashed into a tree.

Officers shared shocking images of the aftermath in a bid to warn drivers "don't risk it" this festive season.

The pictures were shared on Gloucestershire Constabulary's Twitter page.

"These photos were taken at the scene of a collision caused by drink driving," the post read.

"Fortunately both occupants avoided serious injury but on average 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured each year in the UK in drink drive related collisions."

The occupants escaped without serious injury. Credit: Gloucestershire Constabulary

'Don’t risk it this festive season'

On Facebook police asked, "Do you ever just ‘take a chance’ after you’ve had a drink? After all, it’s only a ten minute drive home…"

More than 300 people shared the post and some users commented with their personal experiences of losing a loved one due to drink driving.

"My gramp was killed years ago by somebody drink driving! The devastation it causes to the family's involved it's just not worth it," commented one user.

The post adds: "So no matter how short your journey is, don’t risk it."