People urged to get vaccinated at Bath Racecourse with 300 slots available

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Medics at one of the South West's biggest centres are hopeful they can meet their vaccination target before the Government's deadline this Friday.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister announced a drive to offer a booster jab to all those eligible before the new year.

At Bath Racecourse more than 1000 people booked in today (27 December) but those on site say there is still room for more.

The vaccination centre was meant to be closed today, but it opened it doors from 8 o'clock this morning in a final push to get more people vaccinated.

Lorcan Townshend, from Bath received his first vaccination today.

More than ten cent of the appointments were made up of first time vaccinations, mainly in younger people.

Amongst those receiving their first jab was Lorcan Townshend, from Bath. 

He said: "I wanted it to be out a little longer to see what it was all about, to see what was happening to everybody.

"I think a year and a half is probably about right now. I haven't seen too much bad stuff happen so I thought it was time have it."

Around one thousand people signed up to get a vaccination at the racecourse, but there were 300 slots not taken. 

1000 people signed up for the vaccination out of a possible 1,300 appointments.

Since the Government's drive for more vaccination staff, the centre has been able to change the way it works - doing three times the number of vaccinations a day than it was doing a month ago.

Carmel Southall, Senior Nurse at Bath Racecourse vaccination centre said: "It's quite an expectation for us actually, but we are doing all we can to achieve what the government has set out. We are seeing an increase in walk-ins which again is very very positive but we want to see more people."

The highest number of vaccinations achieved here in one day was on the 19th December, when 2,300 people were seen.