Statue of slave trader Edward Colston set to be removed from Bristol museum display

The statue of Edward Colston has been on display at the M Shed since last June.

The public only have a few days left to see Edward Colston's statue at Bristol's M Shed.

The display will finish on Monday January 3rd and will be moved into storage at the L Shed, which adjoins the museum.

Thousands of people have taken the opportunity to see the statue since it went on public display in June.

It can be seen on the first floor of the museum lying close to a window, with a view of the harbour.

Thousands of people have seen the statue since it was placed on public display in June.

The statue was pulled down from its plinth in the city centre and rolled into the harbour during a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol on 7 June 2020. It was recovered days later by the city council.

The display at the M Shed includes biographical information about Colston, his involvement in the slave trade, the history of the statue and placards placed around the plinth during the protest.

Details of the statue's new home were posted on Twitter by the M Shed.

A survey carried out by the M Shed has asked people what they think should happen to the statue next, and it has been promised that the results will be published by early 2022.