E-cigarette warning after Wiltshire kitchen completely destroyed by fire

One kitchen was completely destroyed after a battery fire. Credit: Twitter / @DWFireRescue

Fire officers are warning people about the dangers of e-cigarettes and vape pens after attending two similar incidents across Dorset and Wiltshire in one week.

The fire service shared shocking pictures, which show the significant damage that can be caused by the devices.

At around 4.30am on December 30 2021, crews were called to a fire at a house in All Cannings, near Devizes.

The kitchen was destroyed in the blaze, which the fire service believes was caused by a battery charger for an e-cigarette.

Fortunately nobody was injured, but the images were released by the service in a bid to warn people of the dangers.

"E-cigarettes are sold with either single-use batteries or lithium-ion rechargeable batteries," said Richard Humphrey, from Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

"These batteries can fail whilst on charge, sometimes with explosive force.

"Our advice for e-cigarettes is the same as for many smaller electrical appliances such as mobile phones and laptops – don’t be tempted to buy cheap unbranded chargers, don’t leave them to charge whilst you are out of the house or asleep, and keep them well away from flammable materials."

More information on charging portable devices safely can be found here.