The caravans teetering on a cliff edge on Devon's crumbling coastline

Coastal erosion work could begin in Sidmouth in Autumn 2023. It's hoped that the 41 homes above the Seaton cliffs will receive improved protection.
Properties situated perilously close to the cliff-edge in Seaton, east Devon. Credit: BPM Media

Vital work to save a section of east Devon's crumbling coastline could commence next year.

Funding of up to £900,000 has been set aside by East Devon District Council to secure Seaton's rock structures.

The work aims to reduce the rate of erosion, which has seen a spate of cliff falls in recent years.

The authority hopes the scheme - which has been several years in the making - will offer "improved protection" to the 41 homes situated near the cliffs.

It's hoped the £900,000 project will give the homes at risk "improved protection". Credit: BPM Media

Councillor Geoff Jung, who is East Devon District Council's portfolio holder for coast, country and environment, said it was "fantastic news" for the area.

"Our officers and staff are working on various schemes with agencies and other authorities to protect our vulnerable areas of coast line, which due to climate change estimations will result in sea-level rise and increased storm events effecting our coast and low laying areas," he said.

"This scheme is just one of many which will provide the required protection for these predicted changes.

"Therefore, it's fantastic news we are able to move forward in the knowledge we have the required funding in place."

One of the worst affected areas is a stretch of cliffs east of Sidmouth, where there were five landslides reported on one day in August.

The beaches below have signs warning visitors to keep away, and the coastline is monitored regularly to check the progress of erosion and movement of beach material.

Low-lying areas of the Devon coast are particularly at risk from tidal flooding, and an increase in storms from climate change could speed up erosion.