Joanna Lumley and George Eustice MP call for change after 'tragic' wildlife loss

  • Watch Victoria Davies' report (Warning: some of the images may be distressing)

Cornish MP George Eustice has visited a disused quarry in Somerset to watch a series of explosions to highlight the damage they can cause to our oceans.

Camborne and Redruth MP and Environment Secretary George Eustice – along with campaigners - want companies to use a more environmentally friendly method which could prevent dolphins and whales from becoming beached.

Joanna Lumley said the damage caused to the sea bed is "tragic" and said marine ecosystems are threatened by the blasts.

She said: "It kills and destroys fish and marine mammals. “As for whales and dolphins, it completely damages their sonar systems which means they have difficulty navigating.

Joanna Lumley said the damage to the sea bed and wildlife is "tragic" Credit: ITV West Country

"It means they can't feed and can't mate or travel together in pods."

After one explosion, almost 40 pilot whales were found beached on the north coast of Scotland.

Sea beds are having to be cleared of old bombs and mines from WW1 and WW2 to build offshore wind farms.

But campaigners and now the government want a quieter and less damaging detonation process – developed in the South West - to be used instead.

George Eustice MP said: “We've got some big ambitions for offshore wind development.

George Eustice MP said a balance needs to be struck between putting up wind turbines for renewable energy and protecting wildlife Credit: ITV West Country

"All of that wind turbine construction and some of the explosions which are associated with it has got really severe impacts on marine mammals.

"We really have to manage that tension between wanting to have renewable energy but also wanting to reduce impacts on dolphins, porpoises, seals and other fish species."

Joanna added: "The bitter irony of this is the people putting up the wind farms are doing it for green energy - caring for the planet looking after life on Earth.

"Somehow these awful bombs and the way of destroying them have the exact opposite effect."