Woman finds more than 100 dog poo bags left behind on Devon coastal walk

Hannah discovered enough litter to fill several jumbo bin bags. Credit: Me & Plastic Sea

A conservationist has criticised 'lazy' dog walkers after finding 102 discarded poo bags during a walk along the coast in south Devon.

Hannah Beaumont found enough rubbish to fill several jumbo bin bags when she went on a litter pick near Brixham.

Among the litter she collected were 102 dog poo bags.

Hannah said she left Brixham in optimistic mood heading to Churston, Broadsands, Elberry and back into Fishcombe Cove along the coastal path.

"I thought today I'd probably get some, but it's winter and not as busy," she said.

Hannah says she is keen not to blame all dog owners, and feels it is the "minority". Credit: Me & Plastic Sea/ BPM Media

"Thank goodness I got some more jumbo sized bin bags, who needs weight training?"

As well as the dog poo bags she said she also found a "huge pile' of wet wipes, two face masks, a carrier bag's worth of McDonald's and coffee cup packaging and a "heap or wrappers".

She said she also found two odd gloves and a hat, more than a dozen cans, nine plastic bottles and two glass bottles.

Hannah founded Me and the Plastic Sea, an environmental conservation organisation, in 2020 after noticing litter was building up over the beaches.

She works full time as a charity support worker, using her spare time to volunteer to help the environment through Me and the Plastic Sea.

She is keen not to blame all dog owners, saying: "I am a responsible dog owner. Once again it is the minority.

"Looking at it all in front of me, like every time I lay out my bags, made me feel saddened that people choose to treat the planet this way.

"Please take your rubbish, and your dog's poo bags home with you if you cannot find a bin.

"You are literally killing the earth and that's that. Stop being lazy."