Meet the giant rabbit who has become a TV star after strolling on Newquay beach

Ted the bunny
Ted on the beach

A giant French Lop rabbit who lives in Newquay has become a TV and social media star.

Three year old Ted starred in the first episode of ITV's The Secret Life of Our Pets in January, which showcased the therapy work he does with children with special sensory needs in Cornwall.

Now Ted has over 17,000 followers on Instagram, and his owner Emma Gallagher has been overwhelmed by the interest he's been getting from around the world. 

"They came to us via his Instagram, he's got quite a following and we get offered stuff all the time, but this one [the TV programme], because it's about science of communication and cognitive behaviour and that's what Ted's about, I definitely wanted to show him off and show the world what he can do."

Ted on a walk

Emma offers therapy sessions with Ted, either with local organisations or with people who get in touch via Ted's Instagram.

Ted is also a regular visitor to Chy Lowen Early Years and Pre-school in Newquay, where young children get to learn about pet care, and have calming therapy with Ted if they need it.

Toni Hutton, Chy Lowen Early Years and Pre-school: "They're so excited, the minute he comes in he creates such a magical aura around the children, they are so calm, they like to listen to what he eats, how he feels, they use all of their senses."

Unusually for a rabbit, one of Ted's other favourite activities is walking on the beach.

Emma says he's become well known in Newquay, and is often spotted hopping about the sand and eating seaweed at Fistral.

"I know everyone says their pet is quite different and unique, whereas Ted definitely is and he copes beautifully," she added.

"I'd say he looks forward to coming to the beach, some days he doesn't want to hop on and he goes back up the slope and that's fine."