Sick Bristol mum unable to see GP in person or get ambulance forced to take Uber to A&E

  • Bahareh Mehabi speaks about her ordeal to ITV News West Country reporter Max Walsh.

A chronically ill mum who was forced to get an Uber to hospital after being told no ambulances were available to take her has said she "believed she was dying".

Bahareh Mehabi was admitted to Southmead Hospital where they identified a gallstone. She was placed on a ward and after five days had surgery to remove it.

She said that she had become so desperate about her deteriorating health after her GP was unable to see her in person, that she considered making a will after being undiagnosed for more than two years.

"All the time I was worried and then the doctor told me it wasn't cancer - I felt relief", she said.

"These two years have affected my mental health because I am always thinking I am dying soon. When I am on my own I cry and I wonder how long I am going to live", she added.

At one stage Bahareh started losing her hair after suffering with acid reflux, extreme pain and diarrhea.

She said that she had become so desperate about her deteriorating health that she considered making a will.

She had lost control of her bowel movements - meaning she didn't want to leave the house and was relying heavily on painkillers to get through the day.

"It was embarrassing and outside I was really worried whilst shopping. I have my children who are embarrassed as well."

Bahareh says that she believes if she had been able to see a GP earlier she could have been diagnosed before the pain had affected her daily life.

She is now recovering from the operation to remove her gallbladder at home.

In a statement, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG said: "GPs are seeing more people than ever to keep up with demand but are doing so in different ways.

"The pandemic has changed access to primary care. All appointments are based on the clinical needs of each person.

"But if your condition means you need a face to face appointment you will be offered one."