The 19-day fight to raise £360k to save a historic village pub near Bath

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People living in a village near Bath say they are in a race against time to save its historic pub, or risk losing it forever.

The Hop Pole in Limpley Stoke has been at the heart of the community for decades but it has been closed for the past three years.

Residents would like to run it as a community pub - but to do that they have been told they have just 19 days to find at least £360,000 or it will go to a property developer

"We suddenly realised how much we'd taken it for granted and we had to do something about the fact that it was going to go forever if we didn't move on it," said Simon Coombe, from the Save The Hop Police Campaign.

The 16th century pub had been enjoyed for generations

The campaign has been receiving advice and encouragement from The Packhorse, a community-owned pub in the nearby village of South Stoke.

It was saved from developers four years ago and is now thriving.

Bob Honey, from The Packhorse, said: "If the community pulls together it can work yes. It's well used. It's just the heart.

"There's no shop, there's nothing else in the village, the school went decades ago the village has just the pub."

Mr Coombe says the campaign has had support from around the globe.

He told ITV News: "A gentleman from the west coast of America said 'I visited the pub a few years ago, I heard you want to save the pub, please can I pledge some money towards it? I'll probably never visit, but the idea of owning an English pub is something very special to me'. 

"We've had support from Australia, Canada, Vietnam all over the world, it's been really heartwarming."