Father of Lorraine Cox campaigns for safer streets after her murder rocked city of Exeter

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The father of murdered Lorraine Cox is campaigning for safer streets after his daughter's death, which he said has affected his family "brutally".

The 32-year-old was killed in her home town of Exeter on 1 September 2020 by Azam Mangori who brought her back to his flat and disposed of her body in the following days.

It was a crime that shocked the city of Exeter.

But loving father Tony Cox, is now determined to campaign for safer streets in her name.

He is planning a 13-mile walk with his son across the city from his home - the last place he saw his daughter before saying goodbye as she went off with some friends.

Tony Cox, is now determined to campaign for safer streets in his daughter's name.

He described that "fateful day", saying he "never dreamed" it would be the last time he'd see Lorraine.

Tony Cox told ITV News West Country: "The loss of my daughter has affected our family brutally.

"She was the heartbeat of our family and she would want us to do this to get change."

Tony's walk will include a march to Fore Street - a place where Lorraine had been out with friends earlier in the day, but also where she was approached by Azam Mangori.

"We are going to walk that street", Tony said. "Because it was Lorraine's street. It's where everybody knew her. She was much-loved."

Tony and his family are demanding greater investment in the city's CCTV system to make sure it's fully manned. He believes every camera position should have a sign on it and a phone number to allow people to alert the control room or police.

Lorraine was in Exeter for a short break in August, visiting friends and family when she was killed.

He is also hoping Stagecoach will organise night buses from the city centre on Friday and Saturday nights to help people get home safely.

Tony said: "If we can get this change, then me and my son can look eachother in the eye and say we've done everything we can for Lorraine.

"Hopefully we can get those changes and everybody will feel a little bit safer.

"The events in this city have rocked a lot of people and the community was offered no help nationally or locally to get over this."

When asked what he wants to achieve in his campaign, Tony replied: "Safer streets, so there will never ever be another Lorraine. So no other family suffers how we've had to suffer."

The money raised will go to Devon and Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse services.

A Just Giving page and tribute site have been created on Facebook.