'I was in shock' - woman rescued from tree by fire crews after trying to save parrot

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A woman from Trowbridge had to be rescued from a tree by the fire brigade after she attempted to rescue her sister's parrot.

Leanne Jones was relaxing in the garden with her pet parrot Missy when she suddenly took flight.

It came as a surprise because Missy is just 24 weeks old and until that point she had never flown.

"I was in shock," said Leanne "I was literally like 'Oh my gosh! She's gone!"

Missy had never flown before, so her owner thought it was safe to bring her outside

After a few hours of searching, Leanne found Missy in a tree and tried to coax her down but as it was getting dark, the bird's breeder told Leanne the parrot was unlikely to come down until the next morning.

So Leanne waited with her beloved pet, but the next day Missy flew to another tree. At was at this point her sister thought she would put her climbing skills to the test.

"She got up and then there was one part of the tree where there were no branches, I think it was about four and a half foot," Leanne said.

"That's the bit that she got up, and couldn't get down. It was obviously quite a drop and so that's when we decided to call the fire brigade."

Leanne's sister spent around an hour stuck in the tree

After around hour spent in the tree, Leanne's sister was rescued, but Missy had moved on to yet another tree.

They tracked her down again, and eventually with the help of a tree surgeon and a rented cherry picker, they were able to bring Missy down to earth and into the comfort of her owner's arms.

Leanne was relieved to have the parrot back in her arms

"I was shaking like a leaf which wasn't helping, because the whole thing was then shaking, and Missy didn't even budge.

"She was holding onto the branch because of the wind. I swooped her up, put her in my coat and she was just giving me kisses all over."

Missy might spread her wings again in future, but after her adventure left her a little shaken, for now she's staying indoors and enjoying some creature comforts.