Meet Ruben - the Exeter cat famous for staying in all of his neighbours' homes

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A cat in Exeter who is famous for moving into peoples homes for months at a time is to have a book published about his adventures.

Ruben the cat is well known for wandering the streets of Exeter and paying visits to houses around his home city.

"I don't think he's doing it to try and get away," said his owner Jon Brammer.

"He's just super curious and he's got a lot of love to give and everybody seems to accept that love and like people just when he turns up they're elated to be part of his story."

As a local celebrity, Ruben now has both Facebook and Instagram to help his family - and Exeter locals who find him at their doorsteps - track his movements.

His facebook account has nearly 8,000 likes, and his Instagram has 627 followers.

Pictures are uploaded on the accounts when he turns up at their houses and there is advice on what to do if he pays your house a visit.

Ruben has also been known to frequent public spaces on his travels. So far, he has been documented by social media posters at three different hospitals, the army barracks, the deaf school, a Christmas party at a city centre restaurant even spent the night in a strangers hotel room.

"We do worry when he goes off, if it's for a while," said Jon. "But then he soon pops up on Facebook or somebody gets in contact with us and says that they've got him. He just cuddles up with you.

"He gets into bed with people, he gets under the covers and it is amazing that it is so well known and he's just so friendly. He is like a little social butterfly." 

He also told us Ruben has made his way into 80 private residences in six years - and those are just the ones they are aware of.

"We've confirmed - either I or my wife have gone to pick him up from or people have phoned up and said he's here or they've sent us photographs.

"And it's great because it used to be the case that, you know, he'd go off and we would worry, where has he gone?

"Now he's so well known that people just tell us where he is and then I go and pick him up or Charlotte does."

Ruben has a social media following not just in Exeter, but across the globe. The Exeter cat has fans in Brazil and the USA, who keep track of his exploits on the map of all the places he has turned up.

His global fan base await the date his book is published, and continue to post his adventures on social media in the meantime.