Somerset woman set to 'lose half her business' after Storm Eunice destroys holiday home

  • Watch damage to the caravan caused by the storm

A woman in Watchet has spoken of the financial costs she now faces after her caravan was completely destroyed by Storm Eunice.

A large limb of a nearby tree went straight through the roof of one of Sara Cumming's caravans on Friday.

No one was in the caravan at the time, so nobody was hurt - but she says it has wiped out half her business.

The caravan owner spoke to ITV News about the "shocking" moment she saw that a tree had gone through the roof.

"When we arrived, we opened the door and walked in and it had gone through the roof - it was shocking", she said.

  • Watch Sara Cumming on the "shocking" moment she found out her caravan had been destroyed by Storm Eunice

Speaking of her relief that nobody was in the caravan at the time, she said: "I'm just so glad there wasn't anybody in there. Somebody could have been very seriously hurt or killed."

However Sara said the caravan is now completely written off and she doesn't know how long it will take to replace it.

She added that it's hit her particularly hard after not being able to rent out her caravans during the pandemic.

She said: "The two caravans I rent out have been closed through Covid and through lockdowns, so this was going to be my first full year.

"I've got people booked in there and now it means that I've lost half my business.

"I don't know how long it will take to get the caravan replaced. I'm going to lose a lot of trade", she said.