Could rent control be introduced in Bristol? New 'renters summit' set to be held in city

The council announced an event on Wednesday 2nd March Credit: Bristol City Council

The soaring cost of rent in Bristol has sparked a discussion around rent control in the city - with a new 'Renters' Summit' set to take place.

Bristol City Council says private rents in the city have increased by 52% in the past decade, while wages have only risen by 24%.

Now Bristol Renters' Summit is set to take place online on Wednesday 2 March, with a discussion around what possible rent control could look like in Bristol.

The conversation will centre around the key issues facing the private rented sector in Bristol, and what actions the council can take.

The council says the summit aims to start a conversation with the community about what such measures could look like.

It also hopes to review examples of how rent control has worked in other countries, and consider the best possible system for Bristol.

The conversation will be focused on the private rental market in the city.

But with more than 16,000 people waiting for social housing, private renters on the social housing waiting list are increasingly receiving eviction notices after not being able to afford their rent.

What are the current plans to make housing affordable?

As part of Bristol Council's Project 1000, there are plans to build 1000 affordable homes by 2024 in the city.

However, plans have already been scaled back on the Western Slopes development, after the Mayor announced only 70 affordable homes would be included in the brownfield site development.

Wednesday's summit is organised by Bristol council alongside campaign group Rent Fair Bristol and ACORN Bristol.

Bristol residents can register for the summit for free on the Eventbrite website.