Exeter and Truro show support for Ukraine: voices from vigils

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People across the South West have been showing their support for Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues into a fifth day.

Ukrainians living in Exeter and non-Ukrainians alike gathered yesterday (27 February) for a vigil in support of the country now at war with Russia.

Inna Caistor spoke at a similar event in Truro to show solidarity for her family back in Ukraine.

She lives in Newquay with her 8-year-old daughter.

They they have family who are in danger - among the thousands forced to take shelter underground - almost 2000 miles away in Ukraine.

Inna spoke of her family back at home in Ukraine with her 8-year-old daughter standing by her side.

She said: "When people are asking me and sending me lots of messages, are they fine? No they are not because you cannot be sure that tomorrow you will not wake up and they won't have a life at all."

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw spoke to crowds in Exeter. He called on people to write to politicians to ask for tougher sanctions and softer visa rules.

Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw spoke about what people in the West Country can do to help.

Sarah Browne used to work at a school in Ukraine but now lives in Exeter.

She told ITV News West Country that she is worried for her former colleagues and pupils, some of whom have joined troops fighting the Russians. 

She says staff, children, cats and dogs are all seeking refuge in the school.

"The school has a basement, so they're sleeping down there.

"It's almost like a kind of grief you know. You're grieving a country that you love."