'I trust her with my life' - moment guide dog helps man through Bristol Temple Meads station

  • Dr Amit Patel speaks to ITV News on his relationship with guide dog Kika

A doctor has said he trusts his guide dog with his life after sharing footage of her navigating him through a busy Bristol Temple Meads station for the first time.

Dr Amit Patel shared the footage to highlight what it is like for people who rely on guide dogs for their support when it comes to negotiating busy and unfamiliar environments.

The dad-of-two ‘went blind overnight’ after suffering a haemorrhage back in 2013, but has continued travelling all over the world in his work as a DEI consultant with his guide dog Kika.

The footage shows Dr Patel telling Kika to try to find a member of staff at the busy station.

Kika successfully navigated through crowds in the station - despite having never been there before Credit: Dr Amit Patel

"For the past two years it has been very different for us. It has been quiet. Going back in to busy stations has been scary and it is daunting. It took me a long time to build the confidence and Kika as well so we are slowly building back up there," he said.

"I have had Kika for six and a half years and she has come with me all around the world.

"I lost my sight overnight and I was worried that I had lost all of my ambitions and the things I had worked towards but she showed me that I could still do those things.

"Kika came along and she gave me that zest for life again and proved to me I could still be the person I wanted to be.

"Going out when you are blind is scary whether you have any aid or not but I know that Kika will always get me home safely and that is the most important thing."