Seal pups return to the sea after being cared for by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

  • Moment staff at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary release animals back into the wild

Six rescued seal pups have been returned to the wild in Cornwall after being cared for by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary charity.

The six seals - Roni, Maude, Bailey, Kelp, Verity and Squid - were released back into the wild at the weekend.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, which relies on volunteers and donations to survive, rescues dozens of seals every year, often after they are found malnourished or have been separated from their mother.

The charity also provides a permanent home to animals which need special care from a team of marine animal experts.

The seals returning to the sea in Cornwall Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Kayleigh Slowey from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary said: “The Cornish Seal Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates around 65 sick, injured, or distressed seal pups a year, who are found around the Cornish shores.

"We provide a lifeline for these animals, giving them around the clock medical care and helping them to get on a road to recovery, in the hope they can be released back into the wild. So far this season we have successfully released 22 pups.

"Alongside the work of rescuing seal pups, the sanctuary will also provide a forever home to those who cannot be released into the wild.”