What is 'plogging'? The new way people are getting fit and cleaning up the streets

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When most people go for a run, they only need trainers and some motivation.

But Vivek Gurav never leaves home without a pair of gloves, a litter picker and a few large bags.

That's because the University of Bristol student is on a mission to clean the city's streets every time he goes for a jog.

"I started cleaning up rivers in India where there was a lot of waste, then I started a movement to take it to the streets," said the 26-year-old.

"They call it 'Plogging' in Sweden where I lived for a while. Now I've come to Bristol I want to introduce it here."

Vivek is getting others involved in the clean up Credit: ITV News

Others are getting involved and can be seen running between pieces of litter discarded by others.

"We aren't responsible enough for our litter," he told ITV News. "We shouldn't ask others to pick it up, but wherever I see it I'll keep picking it up."

After seven years' work in his home Indian city of Pune, Vivek and his friends gathered a 1,000 tons of rubbish. Now he spends 90 minutes every day collecting in Bristol.

Vivek says he finds a lot of abandoned Covid masks in the streets Credit: ITV News

He intends to litter pick and jog indefinitely, seeing every piece of plastic, packet and paper as an opportunity not only to do himself some good but the environment, too.

"This is a way of sensitising people about the problems of litter," he said.

"The climate change has been (partly) caused by the amount of litter problems we have. It's a chance to talk about consumerism and hopefully get people to think about their contribution."