Giant mural of Mark Ormrod mural unveiled on side of house in Plymouth

Mark Ormrod in front of his new mural
Mark Ormrod stands beside his mural

A 20-foot high mural of Plymouth hero Mark Ormrod has been unveiled to inspire the city's residents.

The portrait features motivational quotes from the former Royal Marine which he hopes will help change people's mindset.

Mark said: "I took a few sneaky drive-bys in the early stages of it and I'll be honest I was a little bit nervous.

"It's quite overwhelming to have a picture of yourself on the side of a building but now the scaffolding is down and I've seen it in the flesh and it's finished, it's phenomenal. I'm really, really proud.

Artist Kevin Preston says Mark Ormrod is his hero

"I was a little bit nervous. It's quite overwhelming to have a picture of yourself on the side of a building.

"The fact that it's me isn't important. The prosthetics are what the message is about and then the quotes that are beside it.

"If somebody's having a bit of a bad day and they read those and change their mindset then we've won."

Mark hopes the mural will inspire others

The mural was painted by local artist Kevin Preston, himself a veteran of the Armed Forces, who said it was honour to be involved.

He said: "Mark is a top bloke, an inspiration, one of my biggest heroes!" and he is "chuffed to NAAFI breaks" - a military expression with how the mural has turned out.

More than £1500 was raised to pay for the mural, but after many of the materials were donated for free.