The convoy of ambulances filled with medical supplies on their way to Ukraine from Cheltenham

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Six ambulances filled with medical supplies are on their way from Cheltenham to the Polish-Ukranian border in a bid to help people fleeing Ukraine.

The former NHS vehicles - which were funded by donations - are being driven by volunteers. Once they arrive, the ambulances and the supplies will be handed over to overseas doctors.

The convoy was organised by management consultant Khaled El Mayet, 38, from Cheltenham.

The convoy was organised by management consultant Khaled El Mayet

He said he came up with the idea after remembering a conversation he had with his dying mother.

"One of the last things she said was 'do what you can to show that love is better than hate' and that's always stuck with me", he said.

"When I saw these images I thought 'let's start a JustGiving page and see if we can get some funding in'.

"I knew it would be about £10,000 to buy and transport an ambulance over there, but once we started, people really started to get behind it."

Student paramedic Faye Shepherd is one of the volunteer drivers who will be taking thousands of pounds worth of medical supplies to the border. She has taken annual leave to be able to go.

Faye says people have shown huge generosity in their donations.

"I've had seven defibrillators donated by Fleet charity in Cornwall which supplies emergency equipment and that's huge", she said.

"We've also had hospitals with out of date stock they can't use anymore but would be really useful in Ukraine."

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Another volunteer driver said she jumped at the chance to help once she heard about the convoy.

"You can sit on the sofa and just watch it or you can get up and try and do something - I think many people just don't know what to do," she said.

"So when the opportunity came to get involved I said 'absolutely'."

Another four ambulances are ready to be driven by the volunteers on the team's second mission to the border which they hope will take place in the weeks ahead.