Cornwall mother insists eviction from three-bed house is 'not fair' as landlord wants it back

A mother from Cornwall has been evicted from her home after living in it for two years.

Dawn Rudgewick-Brown and her two children, were given what's called a 'no-fault eviction' - her landlord simply needed the property back.

The three of them then moved into one room in a B&B in St Austell for six weeks.

She said: "I actually felt like I'd failed them. Like I'd failed my kids.

"I've never missed a payment. I've never been late with a payment on my rent for nine years.

"I had everything behind me. I had a guarantor. I had a deposit. I have a job."

Dawn says the same kind of property she was living in before, is now £300 more on the private rental market. Credit: ITV West Country

Dawn is a care coordinator with a £900 monthly budget. But she could not find anything available or affordable.

She said: "I don't want to sit here and have the blame games. It's not about that. What helps me now is what we are going to do from now on.

"How are we going to stop people going through this? It's not on, it's not fair.

"Something has to change"

The Government has committed to abolish the 'no-fault' Section 21 evictions clause in the private rented sector. This means tenants cannot be evicted at short notice or without good reason.

The move has already been made in Scotland.

The Secretary of State for Housing, Michael Gove MP, said: "The key thing is to reduce the number of people in the private rented sector and to have a healthy social rented sector - to help more people into partial or full ownership.

"We promise to legislate and we propose to make sure our manifesto is honoured."

Dawn has now been moved into temporary accommodation and it does have enough rooms for her children.

But she continues to look for either social housing or a private rental.

Previously, she was paying £900 per month, but now similar properties are above £1,200 per month.

Dawn says it is 'simply a stretch too far' for families like her own.