Group who drove ambulances to Ukraine border feel 'changed forever'

The team drove to the Ukraine/Poland border Credit: Faye Shepherd

The team who delivered a fleet of six ambulances from Gloucestershire to the Polish border say the vehicles were being used to to help casualties before they had even left the country.

The trip was organised by Cheltenham businessman Khaled El Mayet, who says "within a few hours of getting there, they they were out and in action".

The team flew back from Poland late last night and have been trying to process what they witnessed, with Khaled saying "emotionally, it's something that none of us were really prepared for".

Faye Shepherd, a paramedic from Blisland near Bodmin, gave up her annual leave to drive medical supplies up from Cornwall to Cheltenham.

Faye says seeing families fleeing war at the train station has "definitely changed me I think, forever."

She continued: "They had literally nothing and children with just a teddy and they looked quite frightened and bewildered. It really was quite an emotional day yesterday and actually still chokes me up thinking about it."

Faye says seeing all the international messages of "hope" "strength" and "peace" written on the aid as it was dropped off at the same depot was emotionally tough.

It took three days to transport the six ambulances, with volunteers driving between 15-17 hours a day. One of the ambulances had to be jump started at every pit stop but the battery and starter motor has been repaired since arriving in Ukraine.

The team plan to return and deliver up to three more ambulances.