Cornwall mum fills up on water instead of eating meals as cost of living rises

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A mum from Cornwall has spoken of her frustration about the cost of living, explaining how she often drinks water to fill her self up because sometimes she can't afford food.

Kelly Quinn says that her and her family don't live, they exist.

It comes as the spring statement was made by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in which measures such as national insurance adjustments and double the Household Support Fund to £1 billion.

The St Austell resident says what would have helped their family would have been some advice on how they can live affordably.

Kelly said: "I'm not talking about a lavish lifestyle or wanting to go out and do things here there and everywhere, I'm just talking about living.

"We don't live, we exist and that's how it feels all the time."

Kelly Quinn watching the spring statement with reporter Claire Manning

She had hoped energy prices would have been looked at as one of today's announcements, as everyday she is worried about putting the oven on, boiling the kettle or heating their home.

"Do we eat or do we put the heating on because it's chilly," Kelly said.

"We always make sure the children are fed and if it means that we go without then so be it.

"At the end of the day my priority is the kids. I'm not bothered whether I eat or not, it doesn't phase me as long as they're fed and warm thats all I care about.

Kelly told our reporter how instead of eating a meal she will sometimes fill up on water.

"I've always got my water bottle constantly drinking water, at last its not alcohol - water fills you up so if it means that my tummy stops rumbling then so be it, that's what i'll do."

The family says they will carry on as normal doing what they do to have to get by, as the spring statement brings little to no relief for them.