Who is Barry Rubery? Unsolved murder in Iron Acton to feature on new BBC One documentary

67-year-old Barry Rubery's murder remains unsolved despite extensive investigations and multiple arrests. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police.

A new appeal has been launched alongside a £20,000 reward in a bid to finally bring the killer of a South Gloucestershire man to justice.

Barry Rubery was violently murdered at his own home in Iron Acton, in South Gloucestershire, almost 12 years ago.

A friend discovered Mr Rubery's body in his own porch at Crossing Cottage. His wrists were bound using white cable ties and tied to his ankles.

Police officers quickly established there had been a struggle in the back of Mr Rubery's garden as furniture and objects were strewn across the grass.

The back garden of Crossing Cottage clearly suggested a struggle had taken place on the night of his murder. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police.

A post-mortem examination concluded Mr Rubery had died following a "violent assault" in which he suffered fatal head injuries.

It is now believed that he was attacked at about 10.45pm on Wednesday 28 April in 2010, shortly after he returned from a night out

But despite the clear evidence Mr Rubery was murdered, no-one has ever been caught.

A briefcase was also found abandoned outside Mr Rubery's home Credit: Avon and Somerset Police.

Two people who were arrested have subsequently been released.

Avon and Somerset Police has now launched a fresh appeal once more, asking anyone with any information about Mr Rubery's death to come forward.

Independent charity Crimestoppers has also announced a £20,000 reward for information provided to them exclusively which leads to a conviction in this case.

Senior Investigating Officer DCI Mark Almond, from the major crime investigation team said: “We hope this will help shed new light on the brutal murder of Barry Rubery and encourage someone with crucial information to come forward.

“It’s been a harrowing 12 years for his family and we remain as determined and committed as ever to finding out the truth and bringing his killer, or killers, to justice.

Mr Rubery's house was thoroughly searched by his killer or killers, but little was taken. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police.

“This case has been subject to a number of hypotheses over the years, but I firmly believe those responsible for Barry’s murder had detailed knowledge of his movements and laid in wait for him to come home that night."

Why was Mr Rubery killed?

The victim's house was thoroughly searched by his killer or killers, with drawers left open, a loft disturbed and a picture concealing a safe moved.

But police say very little was taken apart from Mr Rubery's Nokia 3310 and a set of keys. Items of value were left behind, including cash, jewellery and the safe.

Despite the violent attack and house being searched, the safe (pictured) was not taken. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police.

One area of interest to the police is Mr Rubery's yard, next to his home, where he rented out storage containers to others.

DCI Almond said: “In the weeks leading up his death, Barry was described as being ‘uncharacteristically short or distracted’ and he made reference to problems at the yard, which included a dispute.

"We still need to know what this dispute was about and who it involved."

What has happened since Mr Rubery's death?

As Mr Rubery was killed almost 12 years ago, numerous appeals have been launched and a thorough investigation has taken place.

Two people have been arrested but no-one has ever been charged with his murder.

It is hoped this new and latest appeal, along with the financial incentive, might change this.

DCI Almond said: "There will be people out there who know who was responsible for Barry’s murder and I‘d urge them to come forward now, for the sake of his family, to tell us what they know.

DCI Mark Almond, from Avon and Somerset Police Credit: Avon and Somerset Police.

"The passage of time may allow you to speak up now when you couldn’t before. Please take this opportunity and do the right thing.”

Areas of interest:

Officers involved in the cold case have outlined a number of areas they still have questions about.

These include:

  • Whether anyone saw a Land Rover or black Mitsubishi L200 outside of Crossing Cottage, or any other suspicious vehicles.

  • Where Mr Rubery's Nokia 3310 mobile phone and keys are today.

  • What happened to a gold Masonic pocket watch, a Makita drill and an extension lead, which police say were allegedly taken.

  • What was troubling Barry on his yard.

Police say that any information, no matter how inconsequential, could prove vital to helping solve Mr Rubery's violent death.

To qualify for the £20,000 reward, any tips or information must be passed directly to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or anonymously via their online form.

  • A new BBC One documentary focusing on the case will be broadcast at 8.30pm on Monday 28 March