Why Cornwall might be getting its own mayor - and what it would mean

Credit: ITV West Country

Cornwall has taken one step closer to appointing its own mayor, as Conservatives sitting on the county council say they back the idea of creating the new role.

Under the government's proposals for 'levelling-up', locally elected mayors will bring more powers from Westminster.

Earlier this year, Cornwall was announced as one of the areas across England which could bid for new powers.

However to get more powers, the position of a mayor would need to be established.

Devon is another area which is being asked whether it wants to have a mayor.

What would having more powers look like for Cornwall?

  • Greater power over employment programmes

  • Extra planning powers

  • Greater control over local transport and road maintenance 

  • Ability to control business rates 

While the plans for getting a mayor are at a very early stage, there is now clearer direction.

But it is not known exactly how a decision will be made, if the post will definitely be created, or when.

The council's leader said it would be decided after a consultation and then a full council vote.

Other conservatives, including St Austell and Newquay MP Steve Double, have suggested voters should be allowed to decide if the position is created.

There will be debates about whether the cost of creating the post and paying a mayor is work the extra powers the government is offering under its devolution plans.

There is split opinion across all political parties - some agree new areas should have mayors, others are against it.

Some ministers have made it clear this is their preferred way for local areas to get more power and funding.

A new mayor for Cornwall would not be a member of the council, but would exist above it.