Somerset volunteers send lorry full of humanitarian aid to Poland

Businesses and Volunteers from Rotary International from across Somerset have pulled together to send a lorry full of humanitarian aid to Poland to help with the Ukraine crisis.

The family owned haulage company RT Keedwell group donated the use of an articulated lorry and Notaro windows have freed up a warehouse space to be used to store supplies for up to a year.

The articulated lorry was donated for the journey by RT Keedwell group.

The District Governor of Rotary International, Michael Fernando, is a paediatrician at Yeovil hospital.

He has been working closing with the charities medical experts and his counterparts in Poland to source whats needed to help.

He told ITV West Country News about the hard work put in by the local rotary groups and their volunteers in Somerset who had collected the supplies and help pack the lorry full of goods.

Michael said: "Everyone's really pulled together in the community and in Rotary around the district.

"People have been working physically, putting things into containers and putting things on the truck. People around Britain have been sending urgent medical equipment to us as a hub.

"We're taking the much needed medicla equipment to Ukraine."

The lorry departed from Huntworth near Bridgwater full of humanitarian aid.

Staurt Keedwell from the Haulage company said he was delighted to get involved after being contacted by local businessman Joe Notaro, who has given use of a warehouse space for up to a year.

Stuart said: "We've got medical, we've got food, we've got clothing, we've got all sorts of different stuff that people have donated, which we've been bringing down to the warehouse for the last couple of weeks."

His company does not usually operate oversees and said a huge amount of work was needed to ensure the right paperwork was in place to cross borders smoothly.

As the group of volunteers applauded the departure of the lorry from Huntworth near Bridgwater. Many were wondering how many more trips may be needed and for how long.